Philippine Forestry - Bukidnon Forests Incorporated situated at Malaybalay, Bukidnon Province, Mindanao - Caraga Farmers and Environmental Developers Multi Purpose Co-operative in region of Mindanao - Glenhill Consulting Limited

Philippine Forestry

Bukidnon Forests Incorporated (BFI)

Situated at Malaybalay, Bukidnon Province, Mindanao, and in association with Nimmo-Bell & Co (NZ), Glenhill Consulting contributed to the development and implementation of NZODA’s exit strategy from this long term plantation forestry / reforestation development project.

Philippine Forestry Bukidnon Forests Incorporated
Jock Struthers and BFI Forest Community Development Committee

Key Points:

  • 10,000 hectare forest project in 39,000 hectare upland management area.
  • Over 2000 families (>10,000 people) live within this forest area.
  • A project designed to introduce the concepts and skills of environmentally and economically sustainable plantation forestry, integrated into local communities.

Philippine Forestry Bukidnon Forests Incorporated


  • Review and development of an Exit Strategy for the New Zealand and Philippine Governments.
  • Management of NZODA Exit Strategy, including specialist Forestry, Accounting, Legal, IT and HRD specialist inputs sourced within the Philippines and from New Zealand.
  • Introduction of commercial standards of business governance and management systems.
  • Development of an integrated Community Development Program to provide opportunities for local communities (including 13 directly affected Barangays) to maximise the benefits from the forest resource.

Philippine Forestry Bukidnon Forests Incorporated
Bukidnon Forests Incorporated Nursery

Caraga Fed

(Caraga Farmers and Environmental Developers Multi Purpose Co-operative)

Glenhill Consulting assisted Nimmo-Bell with the implementation of a three year program (funded by an NZODA Asian Development Assistance Facility Grant- ADAF) in the Caraga Region of Mindanao.

Caraga Fed Planning Meeting

The objective of the project was to develop a team of foresters to apply the technologies developed at BFI (see above) to assist the many farming families in the Caraga region to maximise their returns from the large areas devoted to tree farming through out the region and to provide opportunities for down stream wood processers etc throughout the timber product value chain.


  • Training of 14 foresters capable of providing an extension services.
  • Development of three demonstration farms.
  • Development of Value chain linkages with nurseries, processers and associated small business enterprises.
  • Introduction of a higher performing variety of Falcata tree stock sourced from the Solomon Islands.

Tribute to Mr Greg Mitchao.

Greg Mitchao Discusses Tree Management

This project was the brainchild of Mr Greg Mitchao of Butuan.  A former forestry Academic, Greg became a recognised and well respected, leading tree farmer in the Caraga region.  Having been inspired by the New Zealand technologies demonstrated in Bukidnon, he was the inspiration behind the application for assistance to develop his struggling tree farmer’s federation under NZODA’s ADAF grant program.

Sadly, Greg passed away before the project ended, leaving a significant void in the leadership of the Caraga tree farming community.  His wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication and quiet humour impressed all involved with this project. He is sadly missed by all, especially his wife and family who were also so supportive of sustainable forestry development.

Greg Mitchao and Russell Coker (New Zealand Forester) Inspect a Falcata Tree Plantation