Development Bank of Kiribati (DBK) Restructuring

In 1996, the DBK was in serious financial difficulties with high arrears, inadequate funding and staffing.

Under an NZODA program, Jock Struthers coordinated the rehabilitation program for the next two years.


  • Led senior management and board members through the interactive development of a five-year strategic plan, financial forecasts and operational plans.
  • Supervised the appointment and activities of a full time Senior Banking Adviser, HRD and IT experts.
  • Undertook five supervisory management visits to Kiribati.
  • Hosted DBK’s General Manager in New Zealand on a bank training and business familiarisation visit.

The DBK achieved its initial growth targets and became a financially stable development bank contributing significantly to the development of the I-Kiribati private sector.

DBK Financed Egg Producer

I-Kiribati Kids clowning on the Beach