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Development Bank Reviews

In addition to specific bank restructuring or assistance assignments, (eg Papua New Guinea, Kiribati and Cook Islands Development Banks) reviews of the following Development Banks have also been undertaken:

Development Bank:


Cook Islands Development Bank

Reviewed the organisational and financial requirements of the Cook Islands Development Bank, leading to the development of a two year NZODA program of technical assistance.

Development Bank of (Western) Samoa

Organised and oversaw a NZ Rural Bank technical assistance program on behalf of the ADB.

Reviewed and organised an audit of the bank’s Bad and Doubtful debts and developed improved loan risk management policy. (NZODA)

Development Bank of the Solomon Islands

Reviewed the results of a two year technical assistance program to the DBSI undertaken by a NZ Rural Bank staff member.

Development Bank of Tonga

Organised and oversaw a NZ Rural Bank technical assistance program on behalf of the NZODA.

Development Bank of Vanuatu

Reviewed a small business loan program financed by NZODA grants.

Indonesian Provincial Development Banks (BPD’s)

With Bank Indonesia staff, reviewed six Indonesian Development Banks including those located in Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Denpasar, Pandang & Jakarta, to assess their suitability for ABD assistance to extend their private sector, small business lending activities.

Niue Development Bank

Reviewed the operational and financial requirements of the NDB for NZODA, recommending that further assistance cease as a result of the low level of business development potential.