Glenhill Consulting takes pride in its achievements through “Getting things done” on the ground, by due date and within budget. – Take the following examples:

1      Formation of the Bank of the Cook Islands :

Jock Struthers as project manager instigated a six month plan to merge the Cook Island Savings Bank with the Cook Islands Development Bank to form the new Bank of the Cook Islands. This involved the initiation, costing and development of the merger plan and the management of its execution by the Government’s pre announced deadline of July 1st.

The tasks included asset valuation / due diligence, a comprehensive HRD / Change management program, PR program, MIS development, new building development, new legislation and the interactive development of the new banks strategic and business plan with all levels of staff from tellers to directors.

The merger was successfully achieved within budget over the last weekend of June and the new bank opened for business on July 1st. Read More >>>

2      Preparing for the Kiribati Outer Island Development Program (OIDP) :

As Nimmo-Bell’s team leader for the above ADB TA, Jock Struthers developed the methodology, budget estimates and detailed planning required to prepare the outer island communities of Kiribati and supporting government officials for the introduction of the OIDP which involved setting up a Au$45million Trust Fund.

During five visits to Kiribati in 2003, Jock successfully organised the recruitment and training of task force teams, and their travel program to visit all 15 islands of the Gilbert Group within a tight three-month time frame.

He also organised the production of a supporting video for island distribution, the training of island and government officials who were to be involved with the OIDP and the PR program. The PR program included liaison with a wide range of stake holders including church leaders, island community groups on the main island of Tarawa, government ministries, the Development bank and Attorney General’s Office with regards to the introduction of the required legislation.

He was responsible for other team members, including the local domestic consultant’s activities and management of the overall and day to day budget which was achieved within or below ADB’s authorised funding levels.  Read More >>>

3      Commercialisation of the Philippine Bukidnon Forestry Project :

To assist the New Zealand and Philippine Governments to exit this large (10,000 hectare), 14 year plantation forestry development project in Mindanao, Philippines, Jock Struthers assisted at the project field level with the development of the commercial strategic business plan. Through numerous trips to the project site over 3.5 years, Jock assisted with the implementation of the commercial management changes required to develop the project into a sustainable commercial business.

Together with Nimmo-Bell colleagues, this forestry project was successfully transformed into a commercially sustainable venture, enabling the two supporting governments to withdraw all further support from June 2003.

4      Training Credit Staff of the State Owned Commercial Banks of the Lao         PDR :

Imagine the challenge of assessing the training needs of the Lao PDR State Banks and then developing a two-month training program in only two months in a country where little English is spoken!

This was the challenge to this ADB assignment which enabled 66 credit staff, including senior officers to be successfully trained during two, two month, full time, residential courses. Credit risk appraisal and credit risk management manuals on which the training was based were produced for subsequent adoption by the banks.

Innovative techniques were developed to undertake the training including the use of team leaders / teamwork, field trips and class led discussion groups. Many course participants remain in senior bank positions in the Lao PRD today. Read More >>>

5      Reconstruction of the Development Bank of Kiribati :

As project manager for NZODA’s successful program of reconstruction for the Kiribati Development Bank, Jock Struthers developed the restructuring program and the Banks new Strategic Plan, interactively with the Bank’s management and directors.

He organised the engagement of a senior banking advisor and during numerous supervisory visits, assisted with the successful implementation of the project plan which included a significant HRD component (with specialist input), a significant bad debt recovery program and IT/computer system development. Read More >>>

6      Development of a Rural Field Appraisal Team, Papua New Guinea         Development Bank :

As a World Bank funded consultant to the Rural Lending Division of the Papua New Guinea Development Bank, Jock Struthers developed a longer-term project, which was sunsequently taken up by NZODA.

This project set out to recruit and train a field team of over 20 Papua New Guinea graduates in Agriculture as Rural Lending Appraisers to enable the Development Bank to obtain control over its Rural Lending Portfolio. This involved the recruitment of four New Zealand Rural Bank Farm Appraisers and their supervision, and management of the program, which included the hosting, and training, of five Papua New Guinea personnel in New Zealand.

Although the Development Bank has since been closed down, most of the key people trained remain in senior positions within commercial banks or commercial firms today. Read More >>>


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