Bank Training

Bank Training Lao PDR


To conduct a credit training program for the credit staff of the State Owned Commercial Banks, (SOCB’s) under an Asian Development Bank T/A .


  • Developed a two-month training course on Credit Risk Appraisal and Credit Risk management.
  • Delivered two full time, two month courses at the Dong Dok Bank Training Centre in Vientiane.
  • Took Students on field trips to Vientiane factories, businesses and farms for loan appraisal and review report writing exercises.
  • Developed bank lending manuals based on the course materials.

Bank Training – Cambodia Centre for Banking Studies

Owned by the Cambodian Central Bank (The National Bank of Cambodia) , the Center for Banking Studies (CBS) provides up to 300 fee paying students with a two year training course leading to an Associate Degree in Banking.


This ADB assignment required a curriculum review and the development of improved training materials in Microfinance.


  • A review was undertaken of the 28 subjects taught by the Center
    for Banking studies for its two year Associate Degree in Banking.
  • Recommendations were made regarding the need for a
    review of future business strategy for the CBS.
  • A review was undertaken of the training needs of commercial
    banks and micro finance institutions and the availability of suitable
    training programs and facilities in Cambodia.
  • Two new teaching modules in Microfinance Supervision, MFI Business Management and Loan Risk Management were developed for adoption by the CBS into its teaching curriculum.

Papua New Guinea Development Bank :

Under a two year secondment from the Rural Bank of New Zealand, Jock Struthers trained rural appraisal staff in PNG on the techniques of rural loan evaluation including farm inspections, economic analysis, report writing and loan portfolio risk management.  Read more >>>

Development Bank of Kiribati :

As project manager for the restructuring of the Development Bank of Kiribati,  Jock Struthers oversaw and contributed to the training  and capacity building of the Development Bank’s staff as it tackled its defaulting portfolio and sought new business.  Management was also trained on operational and strategic planning, commercially focussed management.   Read more >>>

Bank of the Cook Islands :

As Project Manager for the merging of the Cook Island Savings and Development Banks to form the new Bank of the Cook Islands, Jock Struthers oversaw and contributed to the training of all staff in their new roles and in the redeveloped, commercially oriented lending and operational policy.   Read more >>>