Rural Finance & Development Banking

Rural and Development Banks primarily supports Private Sector Development,  the photos tell a small story of the range of enterprises assisted through Development Bank activities.



Organisational Review and Development

Following a senior executive position with New Zealand Rural Bank Wrightson Finance, Jock Struthers has reviewed and / or provided assistance to the following development banks for NZODA and the ADB in eight countries – Read more >>>

Bank Management and Planning

As senior executive for Wrightson Finance (New Zealand), Jock Struthers was fully involved with all aspects of organisational planning, financial forecasting, funds and HRD management, marketing and loan portfolio risk management - Read more >>>

Glenhill Consulting led the merger of the Cook Islands Savings and Development Bank to form the new Bank of the Cook Islands. – Read more >>>

Glenhill Consulting provided leadership to the successful restructuring of the Development Bank of Kiribati – Read more >>> and to the development of the Rural Lending Division of the Papua New Guinea Development Bank – Read more >>>

Access to Finance

Numerous Agri-business Value Chain projects in Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines have all assessed the micro and commercial banking requirements for and availability of finance to agri-business projects – Read more >>>


Glenhill Consulting has assessed the availability of microfinance, the range of services and experience in Cambodia, the Philippines and Samoa.  It has also reviewed and provided strategic planning input into the Kiribati Village Bank program and a women’s microfinance scheme in Fiji.  It has provided options and strategies to a number of projects to enable / improve access to microfinance products and services – Read more >>>


Glenhill Consulting has provided training to counterpart organisations on the merits and use of microfinance within projects assisting rural enterprises.  In Cambodia, Jock Struthers developed two training course modules for the National Bank of Cambodia’s training school on the background, products and management requirements of Microfinance organisations for the Diploma in Banking Studies curriculum – Read more >>>


  • Sector Analysis, (Producer to Market)
  • Rural Enterprise Project Identification
  • Rural Enterprise Project Design
  • Rural Enterprise Project Review
  • Training

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  • Strategic Business Planning & Management
  • SME Development & Support Services
  • Project Identification & Design
  • Project Management
  • Project Review
  • Training

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